Land & General Berhad fulfills its responsibilities as a corporate citizen through various initiatives. The Company contributes to the development of local talent by sponsoring book prizes to deserving students at a local university. For its employees, the Company has initiated a reimbursement scheme for study related fees incurred. Coupled with unrecorded study and examination leave, the Company encourages its staff to upgrade their professional knowledge.

The Company acknowledges its responsibility to create a work environment that is safe and healthy. Towards that end a Safety and Health Policy was formulated establishing a Safety and Health Committee and appointing a Safety and Health Officer.

In balancing environmental concerns, the Company is committed to eliminate, simplify, integrate and automate work processes to the fullest extent possible. This has been achieved by, among others, encouraging the usage of recycled paper, electronic archiving of documents and implementing energy-saving steps to reduce usage of water and electricity consumption.

Through its development activities, optimum usage of environmentally friendly practices ensure that all terraforming activities minimizes impact on the environment and allows the environment to recover quickly and efficiently..